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Racing is Life. Anything before and after is just waiting.
--Steve Mcqueen

In a race there is one simple goal: To get from Point A (starting line) to Point B (finish line) in the least amount of time. And to be able to do that, one needs to bring his best trained body to the race and running a smart race. To prepare your own unique body to run as fast as possible and to keep improving with every race - That is what running is all about. To be able to improve and compete one will need to keep track of how he performed in a given race as compared to others. TimeTheRace does exactly that. Each participant is provided with a RFID tag which detects Start and Finish time. Then on our website, you can check how you performed. And how others fared. Not only that you can also view and download your moments during the race captured by our professional photographers.

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